Four Lakes

A Private Community

"I love it here! This is the kind of place that if you visited it on vacation,
you'd say to yourself, 'I wish we could live here.'" - Resident



  • The annual meeting was held on March 15, 2018. There were approximately 22 owners respresented. Each committee chair presented what they have planned for 2018. To see their presentation click on the appropriate link on this page. Complete minutes of the meeting are available under the Board of Directors link.

  • There is important legislation concerning Cedar Grove Compost now being considered in the Washington State house. Click HERE for further information.

  • Now available - - electronic quarterly statements. Association members now have the choice to continue receiving their statement via regular mail OR get it via e-mail. Those who choose e-mail simply have to notify our Treasurer (Rod Case) and give him the e-mail address you wish to have the statement sent to. Each statement that is emailed greatly reduces the effort and cost of getting you your quarterly statement. No printed form, no folding that statement and stuffing it into an envelope. No sealing and stamping either! If your interested but unsure contact Rod and he can answer your questions.


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