Four Lakes

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"I love it here! This is the kind of place that if you visited it on vacation,
you'd say to yourself, 'I wish we could live here.'" - Resident


  • The board has passed a new policy outlining the steps members need to take when a grievence/issue arises between themselves and others within the community. Click HERE to see the policy.

  • Coming in 2017 - - electronic quarterly invoices. Association members will have the choice to continue receiving their statement via regular mail OR get it via e-mail. Those who choose e-mail will have to sign up and give us the e-mail address they wish to have the statement sent to. More at annual meeting.

  • Many members of our association continue to suffer from very strong odors. It is thought that they emanate from the Cedar Grove Composting facility. If you have been experiencing these smells you need to read what is being said and what you can do about it. Click HERE to see more detail.

  • The Community Property committee has begun a project to assess our current playground area and ways to enhance it in coming years. At the April board meeting they presented their initial findings. Although much work is yet to be done to finalize a proposal their work was warmly welcomed by the board which encouraged them to proceed on. Click HERE to see their presentation.

  • The association's annual meeting was held on March 9th starting at the Issaquah Police station Eagle room. Each committee chair discussed their committees 2015 accomplishments and then look ahead to activities planned for 2016. Minutes are posted under Board link.


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