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"I love it here! This is the kind of place that if you visited it on vacation,
you'd say to yourself, 'I wish we could live here.'" - Resident



  • The annual meeting was held on March 3. Each committee chair discussed activities accomplished in 2020 and what their plans are for 2021. Their presentations are available in the Committees section below. An actual recording of the entire meeting is available for your listening pleasure. Go to the Board of Directors link below and look for the minutes section.

    Due to the pandemic we were not able to complete a 10 year plan but progress was discussed plus plans for 2021.

    Three board positions were filled by a vote of members present and/or by their submitted proxy. Results: Mark Anderson 38, Rod Case 36, Terry Deschenes 35, Gorge Wittren 4. New terms will be for 3 years.

  • 2021 assessment amounts will be adjusted based on the official US 2020 Cost Of Living for the Puget Sound region. They have reported that to be 1.6%. Therefore the 2021 quarterly assessment for each lot will become $109.65. Water service charge will become $49.30. The total charge for a lot attached to our water system will be $158.95. These new charges will appear on your 1st quarter statement on February 15th. For those of you who have set up automatic payments through your bank please remember to go into their system and change the amount that will be paid each quarter. NOTE: For the lots on Cedar Grove road which are not charged for our road system your lot assessment will be $54.83. With water service that becomes $104.13. If you have a question about this call Rod Case 425-392-5266.

  • Now available - - electronic quarterly statements. Association members now have the choice to continue receiving their statement via regular mail OR get it via e-mail. Those who choose e-mail simply have to notify our Treasurer (Rod Case) and give him the e-mail address you wish to have the statement sent to. Each statement that is emailed greatly reduces the effort and cost of getting you your quarterly statement. No printed form, no folding that statement and stuffing it into an envelope. No sealing and stamping either! If your interested but unsure contact Rod and he can answer your questions.


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