Four Lakes

A Private Community

"I love it here! This is the kind of place that if you visited it on vacation,
you'd say to yourself, 'I wish we could live here.'" - Resident


  • Plans for the 2014 Easter egg hunt are now taking shape. The date is set for Saturday April 19 at 10:00 am at the Gazebo. Nina Hufford is doing much of the preparation and it sounds like this will once again be a premier event for the kids in our community. If you have questions or are willing to give Nina a hand please give her a call or contact her through the new Four Lakes group in Facebook.

  • The annual Association was held on March 19,2014. Minutes of the meeting will be posted soon.

  • The annual Consumer Price Index for the greater Seattle area went up 1.1% in 2013. This increase will be applied to both the general assessment and the water service fee. For a "standard" lot (one paying both General dues and full water service) the amount due in 2014 becomes $135.60 per quarter. This includes $93.54 for the general assessment and $42.06 for the water service. Billing for the 1st quarter of 2014 will be mailed on February 15th.

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