Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2014


Terry Deschenes

Bob Liebling

Marty Johnson

Brendan Pecht

Marc Sanders

Dave Prochazka

Rod Case



A.††††††† Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved.

B.††††††† Committee Reports

Treasurer: Rod Case


Rod went through his financial reports.Of the people who are in arrears, one is paid in full, including legal fees.A second looks like itís going to go to a forced sale.The third appears to be offering a payment plan.No word on the fourth.


The Schwab account has done well this year, up over 11% so far.


Community Property: Marty Johnson


Things are good at the gazebo and the mowing is getting done every two weeks, although the lawn guy was a week late. A couple of new things:


Nina Hufford asked if we can put a gate on the bypass trail so small children at that end of the neighborhood donít wander out to the Cedar Grove Road.Consensus of the board is that itís fine if Nina wants to install a gate, as long as it stays unlocked.


Also she thought that the white fence by her end of the trail was put in by the community and wondered who is responsible for fixing and maintaining it. The board suggested that the Benders would probably remember.The board also asked Marty to remind the Wittrens that the dam at the outlet of the lake is on their property.The Lakes committee plans work on that dam during the next year.


Lakes: Bob Liebling


The beaver is quiet.The Lakes Committee met on 6/12 to assemble a plan for this summer.



Water: Evan Lurton


Not a lot to report.Not as much work being done this year.Owe an annual report this year in July.Will continue to monitor the well depth and the drawdown each month.


Hospitality: Brendan Pecht


Since our last meeting, we have welcomed 3 new families.

George & Nicole Wittren

Mark & Lisa McNeily

Mathew & Jennile Wells


There will be more in the upcoming weeks as more folks move in.


The road markings were completed June 8th.This included painting speed bumps, installing missing dots, repainting stop lines and crosswalks, cleaning road signs, and also some light weedeating around the entrance.


Emergency Preparedness: Mark Anderson


No report.


Roads: Tom Norton


Paving starts tomorrow on 167th and 164th.The board approved the extra budget amount of $12,500 for this maintenance work.It was also recommended to plan to pave the remaining part of SE 160th.


Entertainment: Nina Hufford


Good report in the newsletter.


Communication: Terry Deschenes


Newsletter went out.


Legal: Terry Deschenes


Insurance is fine.Legal fees are getting recouped.


Volunteer: Terry Deschenes


No report.


C.†††††††† New Business

Planning for a general work party around the neighborhood, perhaps at the end of July.Terry asked board members to propose a list of possible projects (share via email).


A few people have requested new mailboxes.



The next general meeting will be conducted virtually via committee reports on 17 July 2014.The board will tentatively plan for a board meeting on 21 August 2014 at 7:00 pm at the home of Terry Deschenes.