Four Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting,

Thursday May 21, 2010


In Attendance:Terry Deschenes, Rod Case, Tara Bingham, Mark Anderson, , Todd Ray, Brendan Pecht, Wayne Bingham, Steve Scott


1.Approval of April Minutes

The date on the notes was changed from March to April


2.Treasurer Report:Rod Case

††††††††††† New expenditures for the quarter are money for Steve Scottís Lakes maintenance permit and Evan Lurtonís zone 3 water project.


3.Roads:Brendan Pecht

Turtles and crosswalks will be done this spring..



††††††††††† Evan is continuing work on new zone system.


5.Community Property


††††††††††† Rod Case is having some success with the mole removal project.Mowing continues.††


6.Lakes:Steve Scott


††††††††††† The clearing and grading permit which is necessary to control the beaver activity is in process.The permit application will also contain designs for lake outfalls, and for level control.

††††††††††† The weed control of the lakes will be done by Lakes committee members after training with the mower.



††††††††††† No new business.


8.Emergency Preparedness:Mark Anderson

††††††††††† No new business.


††††††††††† No new business.


††††††††††† 10.Volunteers

††††††††††† No new business.





Four Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting

May 21, 2010

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††††††††††† The community newsletter will go out next quarter.Information about new security cameras will be included.


12.Cedar Grove Compost

††††††††††† Cedar Grove has applied for a construction permit, which purposes changes which they say will be done in leu of paying fines levied against them by PSAQ.To learn whether or not a compost facility could be operated without noxious odords, Terry, Steve and Tara toured the LRI facility in Puyallup and were very impressed on how the operation was run with efficiency, cleanliness and an acceptable amount of odor.There has been only one complaint against the LRI in the last year.††† The public hearing for comment on Cedar Groveís construction permit is scheduled for June 3, 7:00 PM at Maple Hills Elementary.The Board voted to take action on behalf of the community and will circulate a petition for resident signatures.The purpose of the petition is to


  • Raise awareness and get as many as possible to the meeting;
  • Send a message to Puget Sound Air Quality regarding our concerns over their regulation of the facility;
  • 3. Officially question whether or not the new plan will eliminate the odor problem,
  • Put Cedar Grove on notice that we are prepared to take action if the odor problem isnít solved by the purposed changes


Several Board members and residents will circulate the petition this week in preparation for the meeting.The Board also strongly encourages that residents continue to write letters, telephone, and email complaints to Claude Williams and Puget Sound Clean Air.


Next meeting:June 17th @ 7:00 PM Ė Terry Deschenes house